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Speaking of Garage Sales - Lynda Hammond, The Garage Sale Gal, will speak at your next function!

Lynda has been speaking in public for 20 years now. Lynda speaks at Women's Expos, charity events and other gatherings. Since we are living in the garage capital of the world have The Garage Sale Gal as your next featured speaker. Lynda is familiar with speaking and live television. She's a former television news anchor and reporter in states across the U.S. including New York and Minnesota. She's done many live telethons to raise money for charity.

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Company spokesperson

Lynda can be the company spokesperson you've been looking for!

If you're looking for a personality - Lynda is full of it! Uh, personality that is! To have Lynda represent your company as a commercial spokesperson contact us! The Garage Sale Gal has nearly 20 years experience in front of television cameras as a television anchor and reporter. Lynda currently appears on various TV and Radio news programs across the nation sharing tips on garage sales. She's also a columnist for The Arizona Republic.

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Got a column idea for the Garage Sale Gal?

The Garage Sale Gal is always looking for ideas for her weekly column in The Arizona Republic.

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Lynda, Thanks so much. Your web site does work. I've asked people when they came to my sales before how they found out, by ad, Craigslist or just my signs. I would say 1/4 of them heard about the sale thru you ( again.
- Barb Palser-Phoenix
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