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How it works
How works
This is just like advertising your sale in the newspaper only it's on the Web the wave of the future!
  • It's free to open an account.
  • Give your sale a name that'll attract attention. For example, "Entire contents of home for sale".
  • List as many items as you want: unlimited time, unlimited space.
    For example: let's say you're having a sale in August. List it in June and benefit from all the folks that will see it! Edit your sale as often as you like adding items and deleting them as you sell them.
  • No need to put directions to your sale. A map is already automatically included as long as you put your address including zip code.
  • Pay just $4.99 using any credit card.
  • Watch people flock to your sale!
List your sale on or read on for more great information.
Reasons to List Your Sale on

Lynda Hammond is the Garage Sale Gal, a former TV anchor turned garage sale expert. Lynda writes a column on garage sales in the Arizona Republic. This helpful, fun—and sometimes funny - column can be seen each Wednesday in your city section of the Republic. Lynda can also be seen on local TV newscasts sharing tips on garage sales, such as what day is the best day of the week to hold a garage sale? And should you price items?

And here’s some exciting stuff, too. Lynda’s Web site,, is linked to both 3-TV’s and the Republic’s Web sites. So, listing a sale on will get you even more exposure thanks to our connections.

You can also read Lynda's columns right here by clicking on the tab at the top left and pull down for "Lynda's Columns". And watch Lynda’s previous appearances on local and national TV shows by click on the tab: Lynda on TV. gets more than 175,000 hits a month!

It's only 4.99!! A small fee for a BIG service. You'll attract dozens more people to your sale. Our website,, is the new cutting-edge way to get the word out about your sale! Newspapers charge $30-plus for a tiny space with a couple lines.


When listing your sale on you get a lot of time to promote your sale. There is no limit on how long your sale can be on our website. In other words, if you're having a sale on October 14th you could list it two months early to help drum up interest in advance. Your $30 ad in most publications is good for ONLY 1 day!!!


Your sale will expire 48 hours after the last day of your sale. So, if it's ending on Sunday at 1 pm, your sale will disappear on Tuesday at 1 pm.

But remember: You can change the date and keep the sale going. As long as you change it BEFORE that expiration date.

Or you can select the category for "selling now" when setting up a new sale or when altering your current sale.

Wow! A sale for as long as you like for just $4.99! Now, that's a deal!

Let's say you wake up one Thursday morning and decide to have a sale the next day. No worries! With it'll take you less than 5 minutes to list your sale and you're good to go. You can't do that with a newspaper! Ads have to be in days in advance. You can even list on the day of the sale!! Now, that's exciting stuff!!


On you're not limited to 2-3 lines like you are with newspaper ads. So, if you're selling the whole house and everything inside, including the kitchen sink--put it in your ad!! There's plenty of room on Plus, you can edit your listing anytime you like. You can change the date or the items up for sale anytime and it's still just the one-time fee of 4.99!


Let's say you're selling furniture, a rare collectible, a car or even a house, whatever! List it on and watch it sell. Folks can email you regarding your item or items for sale. Leave your items up for sale on our site UNTIL they sell! And there is no commission fee - your sale is between you and the buyer. You again are only paying the $4.99 list fee when you place an ad on To do this click the box that says “selling now” when listing your sale.


With the high price of gas these days the last thing you want to do is waste it making wrong turns looking for a sale. But with you can find the sales you want to go to with the press of a button. Each sale listed, automatically includes a detailed map. Simply go to the page of the sale you want to visit and click on the "view a map of the area", print it out and take it with you as you search for treasures. (You can't get a map from the newspaper!!)

WORLDWIDE ad listings aren't limited to just Arizona. If you have friends or family in other Countries or States--Michigan, California, Ohio, etc. Tell them how they can list their event and get more folks to their sales! And as a result more money in their pocket!


Before others can see your listing, it must be paid. It only costs you $4.99.

  • PayPal
    The easiest and fastest way is to use PayPal. You don't even have to create a PayPal account to use your credit cards, although that's easy, too! Your listing will become public within seconds of your payment.
  • Check or Money Order
    You can also pay by mailing your listing ID number (that number can be found on your listing as you're creating it) and a check or money order for $4.99, payable to:

    Lynda Hammond, Garage Sale Gal
    PO BOX 52644
    MESA AZ 85208

Once your payment is received, we'll make your listing public. And let the fun begin. Good luck and Happy Garage Saling!


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Hi Lynda,
I saw the article this morning.  You did a great job!  Thank you.  My kids all loved it. 

 Beth Summers,Chandler, AZ

- Beth Summers,
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