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Homeowner Associations

Homeowner associations declare certain weekends for neighborhood garage sales which usually attract more buyers. Finding the times can actually be easy if your HOA has a web site. More times than not, there will be a button "current rules" on their home page.

If not, simply send an email in their contact us section asking for the allowed times and any other information that you "should know".

At times the HOA will not have a policy for garage sales; this is your opportunity to get to know your neighbors. Visit with your neighbors and start organizing to get this amended to your rules at your next meeting.

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Thank you for such a wonderful, heart-warming story. I absolutely love it. You are a great writer and really captured my mom's and my spirit. I'm going to fly out to NE next week and deliver the story to her in person. She's going to love it, too. Much continued success with the column and garage sales. And thank you again for the article.
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