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Lynda's Columns

Lynda has been writing a column on garage sales since March 2005. Read them each Wednesday in The Arizona Republic. Or - read it right here. Just click to check out the latest adventures of the Garage Sale Gal! Also sign up and have the column sent to you automatically each week.

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Strictly for the birds? Apr 14, 2014
She goes to garage sales in order to sell things at garage sales. A never ending circle of birdhouses!
Positivity can make a difference! Apr 07, 2014
It is all how you approach things that matter. Thake this week's subject. She made more money than she expected using a positive attitude!
Good Companions Mar 30, 2014
Doga may be man's best friend, but they are pretty friendly around women too!
Heavenly Sale Mar 18, 2014
If you can't have a garage sale where you are do we have a deal for you! And it's for a great cause.
Sister Stooges Mar 11, 2014
This wasn't my first garage sale, I've seen a million of 'em, but something about this one was wrong...
Do unto thy Neighbor Mar 04, 2014
Do unto thy neighbor as least that is what my husband is mumbling to himself  these days as he trips through our garage. read on...
Learning a lesson Feb 17, 2014
Unlikely friends and an unlikely on!
Economic Summit Feb 10, 2014
OK so it wasn't held in Geneva but it was important. And fun!
Swing and a miss! Feb 03, 2014
The Garage Sale Gal is like the fisherman who is always talking about the big one that got away. At least when it comes to writing anyway!
A pretty cheap date! Jan 21, 2014
This guy is pretty cheap but that is not necessarily a bad thing!
The Drive by Jan 13, 2014
Garage sales are a lot like life. If you have too much competition you may be overlooked.
America's Cheapest Family Jan 07, 2014
Right here in Phoenix. They can teach us all some things!
In with the cheap! Dec 30, 2013
This is the best time of year to get a handle on your stuff!
Advent Dec 15, 2013
There's nothing like helping the Lord with a good old garage sale! Especially this time of year.
Green Lantern Dec 09, 2013
OK so it's not a lantern it is a light. But it is green and  just as unusual!
Christmas Idea! Nov 28, 2013
There are no rules when it comes to decorating... Just ask this week's garage sale stand-out!
Looking for a car? Nov 13, 2013
Some people are expecting to find gold when garage saling. All today's subject wanted was something to take the gold home in!
The Cat's Meow Nov 04, 2013
This story is about cats. and some people who love them very much!
The Cat's Meow Nov 04, 2013
This story is about cats. and some people who love them very much!
Scout it out! Oct 28, 2013
Persistency isn't part of the Boy Scouts Oath...but it should be!

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Lynda just wanted to say that I enjojed your segment on the Dave Ramsey show last night.
- Ed Little Camden, SC
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