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About Lynda
Lynda Hammond may be The Garage Sale Gal today but that was hardly the case years ago. In fact, she was a garage sale snob! Just the thought of buying someone else's junk was very unappealing. But ohhh how things change. No, these days she couldn't imagine life without garage sales. The Columbus native graduated from The Ohio State University with a BA in Broadcast Journalism. For 15 years, Lynda anchored television newscasts in markets across the country including New York, Kansas, Kentucky and Minnesota.

After being dragged to a garage sale in Kansas she fell in love with the art of rummaging through other people's stuff. Read more about Lynda's first garage sale find.

After moving to Arizona Lynda worked for a short time back in TV news - at ABC 15 - but her heart wasn't in it anymore. So, she instead began garage saling with gusto and started her web site for garage sale enthusiasts. is a place where users list and look for garage sales on line. Since March 2005 Lynda has been writing a weekly column for The Arizona Republic on garage sales which runs every Wednesday statewide.

Lynda hasn't left TV entirely. She can still be seen on Phoenix TV stations as well as others across the country sharing tips on how to make the most money at garage sales. She's regularly on national radio shows including Martha Stewart Living where she takes questions from listeners. And is often featured in magazines such as Good Housekeeping and even the Wall Street Journal.

Remember, if you want a great crowd at your next garage sale - make sure you list it where all the garage sale enthusiasts gather -!

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Hi Lynda, Was really intrigued by your article about that woman who was working on her 78th garage sale. I loved it.
- Cheers, Raymund Flandez The Wall Street Journal
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